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This is the boss

Bojan Malinović a.k.a Bokche is 26 years old professional graphic designer, owner and art creative director of Bokche Creative Studio. Design is his great passion for almost 12 years. It started by drawing cars in elementary school, passion for concept design was present during secondary school and got its significance through study of Graphic Engineering and Design at FTN in Novi Sad, Serbia. Today he is successful in brand, web design and printed editions for many worldwide companies. He's a perfectionist with sense for details. He ensures the quality and high professionalism in everything he does.
Feel free to contact studio and let him know your plans, desires and opportunities.

His Passion


He simply adores doing mentioned things.
It can freely be said that he's in it always, except when he's asleep of course, but maybe even than, who knows?!
He always has new super concept ideas turning them into functioning things; he works on new projects, offering help to the others. If you are interested in his work contact studio and present him your project.


Programming codes, a bit of else, a bit of ifs, links, scripts, everything you can imagine in the world of development and programming web sites. Only for you, dear friend and colleague, web programmer and developer Nenad Bugarski makes, handles and sends the code on its right place to be - behind of the web site.
His recipe for a great site: a little programming magic, a computer and a few bags with codes.

contact contact

You are planning a project? Write down everything related to that project, some ideas, lines, pictures, write down all your wishes and something you consider impossible to create but desirable on your web site and contact us. We are always happy to hear from you, give a piece of advice, offer the solution and create for you something new, totally different from all already seen.
Share your ideas with us and let us do the rest.

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